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Body shops are for many different applications! If the need is for small to medium vehicles for a small quantity or a large quantity, Pivabs body shops are able to be customised to meet the customers requirements. Pivab will take into consideration the customers needs and the environment in which the body shops are to be installed so that what the customer receives the most beneficial and efficient system they could possibly have. Pivab are able to provide any type of room required whether that is spray booths, preparation bays, mixing rooms, welding bays or whatever is required. Pivab can make it happen!



No matter how large or complex things you need to apply a protective coating to are, we can help you with a fantastic coating spray booth solution. Our combo booths for the engineering industry are the best choice for coating and drying in the one and same booth. The industrial booth works exactly like the equivalent Dent product, but can be customized specifically to your business needs and requirements

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With a subsequent drying oven on a paint box, there is the possibility to further increase production in an efficient way without the need for more staff or knowledge to paint.

Pivab are able to supply separate drying oven to increase production.



One key area of Pivab's facilities are its mixing rooms. This is a well-ventilated space for the workers to store and mix paint. Generally, the mixing room is connected to the spray booth by an air tight door, but depending on the layout of customers sites, Pivab are able to relocate to wherever is would benefit the customer. There is also LED lighting installed in the mixing room so the colours will be able to stand out!



Pivab's Cross Draft spray booth is one unique spray booth in that it requires less airflow compared to that of conventional spray booths! In fact, it uses 66% less airflow in thus reducing the required energy and size of fans which means the running costs are far lower. The quality and efficiency are two of the main reasons this product is proving to be popular with Pivab's customers.

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Pivab's preparation stations are an essential part to a complete facility. The amount of work required to prepare a vehicle for painting requires a clean and practical environment. Pivab's preparation stations does just that! Depending on the customers requirements and space, Pivab are able to provide a working area with adequate airflow and lighting so that everything is prepared to perfection. A rail and trolley system is also beneficial in this area as it will allow for easy lateral movement of the vehicles into the spray booth.


pivab weld

The Pivab Weld is a ventilation solution that provides an optimal working environment at each workstation. The big advantage with Pivab Weld is that you get an optimal workplace to perform sheet metal work and welding, without having to move the object in question. Thus, reducing your lead times. The adequate airflow in the Pivab Weld ensures a safe and clean working environment.

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