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What is great with Pivabs additional product line is that all of these products fit and function well with many of Pivabs spray booths and other facilities. Each of these products has an important function of its own to help the customers perform their tasks easier and more efficiently which helps with increasing production and the quality of the finish. The high quality of these products keeps up with Pivabs high standard of producing the best with only the best.

Motorised Curtains for industry use

motorised curtains

Pivab supplies custom made motorised curtains with options of transparent sections with UV protection to protect the workers during welding. The high quality and durable material is specifically for industry environments. Each curtain is controlled by a remote control.

Car painter in pivab spray booth

pivab led atex luminaires

Pivab have designed and produced their own LED luminaries which comply with ATEX regulations. All luminaries that Pivab supply are designed specifically for their spray booths and are guaranteed to be of top quality.

Wall man for industry spraybooth


Wall-Man provides increased security for operators and at the same time significantly improves the efficiency and quality of the finish.

The controls in the operator's cage moves Wall-Man along all three axis in a spray booth, including an extension in, out and around the vehicle. This versatility allows the operator to apply the coat, mask, post signs, apply decals or make repairs on high-sided vehicles with greater speed and safety than is normally possible with a ladder or scaffolding.

The compact design of WALL-MAN reduces the congestion in spray booths and other cramped work areas.

Herkules table in pivab spray booth

herkules lifting tables

Pivab supplies Herkules lifting tables for any type of work where a vehicle needs to be worked on while being raised. There a many types of lifting tables that could be useful to each customer depending on the requirements. The high quality material and construction ensures that the lifting table will have a long lifespan.

Waggon for side travel in spray booth

Pivab rails & trolleys

Pivab supplies a patented trolley which is designed and fabricated to withstand heavy weights of a vehicle and still provided a smooth easy ride on the tracks. This is beneficial for moving vehicles in and out of spray booths to help speed up the repair and painting time.

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