how does pivab compare?

Pivab have long been leading other spray booth suppliers around the world! What Pivab offers cannot be matched by others in terms of quality, function, efficiency and being environmentally friendly. The design of PIvabs spray booths are designed to reduce energy costs, recycling of air during heating, filtration of fumes and particles and practical functioning of day-to-day work. The amount of functions Pivab's spray booths have completely enhances the work flow which therefore increases production. Click to download Pivab's Comparison document.

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Pivab works hard to find better ways at creating a product they know will reduce the effects on the environment. Through decades of experience, Pivab has the smartest minds on improving spray booths to ensure that all of their environmental goals are reached. This comes down to the quality of filters, efficient electrical components and ultimately the design of the spray booth. Combined together, Pivab provides an extraordinary product which leaves all involved satisfied that the environment is being looked after. The filters that Pivab procures have gone through rigoroius testing to meet international standards. Pivab will not use any filters that do not meet this high standard.

Energy Savings

The patented design of Pivabs spray booths help with reducing the energy costs of using the booths. Pivabs horizontal airflow reduce running costs of up to 33% due to the required airflow. Thus in turn, requiring smaller fans to run the facility. The costs saved in installation and the operation of the spray booth is one of the great benefits of Pivab's unique designs. Pivabs spray booths are smart in that there are sensors instaled to tell the system when painting is occuring or when someone is mixing paint. These sensors tell the fans to speed up or speed down depending on the activity. This is beneficial to energy savings as when during operation some other tasks may need to be done so that means the system is not required to operate at 100% all of the time.

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energy costs after 3 years

Costs are in USD. Costs vary depending on usage and currency fluctuations




Recycling of Air

Pivab has designed their systems to recycle up to 80% of air. This is beneficial in drying mode as the heating battery will use less power therefor reducing the overall running costs.

quality suppliers

Pivab will only use the best products available on the market. Pivab prides itself on the quality and efficiency of their spray booths so only reputable brands are considered to be installed. This includes all of the electrical components such as fans, frequency converters and electrical cabinets. High-quality filters are always used as this will ensure other parts of the system have a longer lifespan. Pivab guarantees that all of their customers are only receiving the best.

Online support

Pivab has many customers around the world. What better way to monitor their systems than via online monitoring. Pivab are able to view details of the spray booth in real time and provide assistance to local maintenance teams. This has proved to be a very essential part of Pivab's spray booth systems