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pivab dent series

Pivabs patented Dent Series is in a class of its own! These specially designed products are for many applications. Ranging from small spot repairs to enclosed booths, Pivab has something for everyone. These products are easy-to-use and are easily transportable so working around the site or moving to another location is simple. Pivab has spent a large amount of time perfecting the Dent Series and are really proud of the quality and efficiency to which these products can perform to.

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Dent Station 1-2®

Dent Station is suitable for all types of sanding and spray painting work.The Dent Station with exhaust air walls and double filter system gives you endlesspossibilities. A perfect solution for all types of grinding, sanding and spray painting work.

Dent Prep Wall 2.JPG

Dent Prep Wall®

Dent Prep Wall is equipped with 3 stages of filtration + can also be supplemented with
carbon filters that are integrated inside the wall.
The exhaust air wall is complete with a frequency-operated fan controlled via a front panel.

As an option, Pivab also has motor controlled drapes to create one
closed workspace / place. These draperies can be ordered according to the customer's

Dent Mobile L 3.jpg

Dent Mobile L®

Dent Mobile L is a great solution for those who want to supplement their existing facility with
a mobile, flexible system for minor damage on vehicles.
The product consists of 2x mobile units, 1x Supply air unit and 1x Exhaust air unit.

The spray paint station takes little space and can easily be put away when you do not need
to use it. It is so smart and flexible that you can take the Dent Mobile L with you to carry out
a job on the customer's premises. The Supply air can be taken from the premises while the
exhaust air must be expelled from the premises.


Dent Portal®

Our patented Dent Portal ® is specially designed for smaller spray painting and sanding
jobs, dent repair and preparation work. You can repair all minor damage on the spot,
without disrupting the flow in your workshop. That means more repairs, increased revenue
and shorter lead times.

Dent Portal is the solution for those who want to offer simple paintwork repairs in a small
area of their accident repair workshop. Or for those with a paint shop and needing a
separate space for small and quick spray paint jobs that do not interfere with the production
flow of the larger spray painting jobs


Dent Extend Mobile®

Dent Extend Mobile® is designed for those who want to be able to efficiently perform minor paint repairs at really low operating costs. Dent Extend Mobile is delivered pre-assembled and test run from the factory and only needs to be connected with supply cable to the electricity supply and ventilation to the exhaust air when it is to be discharged, the exhaust air is taken from the room and does not need to be connected if you do not want to. This product is equipped with carbon filtration directly from the factory.


Dent Station 7®

Dent Station 7 is a filtered supply air module.The modules are very flexible and can be connected in series if desired, depending onthe size of the space to be ventilated. Perfect if you have an existing space and want tostart spray painting, or for those who need to supplement an existing facility. Togetherwith our other Dent Station products it is possible to create unique combinations that arebased entirely on your needs.Dent Station comes fully assembled on a pallet and is connected to appropriateventilation aggregates.

CFU 3.bmp


Pivab's Carbon Filter Unit belongs in all industrial work environments where youneed to filter contaminated air.The unit can be connected to most of Pivab's products such as Dent Mobile L,Dent Mobile XL, Dent Station, Dent Mix and as well to other external products thatrequire air cleaning.With the Carbon Filter Unit, it is not necessary to affect existing walls and ceilings asthe unit circulates and cleans the existing air.A very flexible unit that fits in most work environments.


Dent Mobile XL®

Dent Mobile XL is a great patented solution for those who want to supplement their existing
facility with a mobile, flexible system for minor damage on larger vehicles. The product
consists of 2x mobile units, 1x Supply air unit and 1x Exhaust air unit.
The Dent Mobil XL is used by placing the units on either side of the planned repair area and
then creating a flow of air over the object while the damage is being repaired.

Dent Mix.jpg

Dent Mix®

Dent Mix is a prefabricated mixing room and can be used with carbon filtration.The solution is ideal for those who want to quickly expand their business or have a portable solution.The mixing room can be easily moved with a pallet truck.Dent Mix is delivered completely assembled on a pallet, and installed quickly and easily in yourpremises.Install Dent Mix anywhere in the workshop. The room comes complete with internal floor and givesyou sufficient working space for all your mixing room equipment without taking too much spacefrom the workshop flow.

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