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Pivab prides itself on providing the best quality products on the market! Pivab has invested time and resources into designing and sourcing the best materials and products on the market so that the highest quality product is produced. You will not be disappointed with what Pivab can provide!

body shops

What is so special and unique about Pivab is that any design can be achieved to meet customers needs. From small to large, Pivab are able to design, produce and install spray booths for all types of work.



Pivab's strength is that they manufacture what you need. To the industry, Pivab knows what is required for large and heavy items and this is one reason why Pivab can make it happen. Every installation from Pivab can be equipped with conveyer systems (BAE Systems), open roof for telfer (Osby Parca), rail and wagons for heavy machines (Cidan Machinery), prepared for robot painting (Ytab Group), rails for trains (MPA) and anything else that you can imagine.

dent series

Pivab's Dent Series is a special patented design covering many areas of work. From small portable units to medium sized units, PIvab's Dent Series provides an easy-to-use facility for different applications.

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Additional Accessories

There are many add-ons available for Pivabs products. These range from curtains, to rails, to lifting tables and much more!


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