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opportunities are endless

With Pivabs vast array of products, there are many options depending on customers needs. Pivab are able to customise each project to suit the customer whether it is modifying current Pivab products or coming up with a new solution. This is why Pivab is a world-leader in spray booth technologies.

we can optimize your workshop

Pivab is just more than spray booths! Pivab understands how the day-to-day operation goes and it is important that the strategy and systems are in place to get the most out of Pivabs spray booth. Pivab offers business development advice and planning to help with customers preparing how to set-up and operate the system to its full potential. This can suit small or even large companies. What are you waiting for? Contact Pivab today to see how they can improve your workshop!


Pivab are there from the beginning! Pivab provides high quality and expert consulting to meet each customers unique needs. Whatever our customers requires, Pivab will do everything they can to make it possible


Once the design is confirmed, Pivab then produces each piece of the facility. Each item goes through a strenuous quality assurance process to make sure Pivab's customers on get the best products. Pivab produces the entire structure in Sweden, so the customer is guaranteed that the quality will be high.


When the installation is complete, Pivab completes a full commission of the facility. This will put the facility under certain tests so that it ensures the facility is up to the customers requirements.


Pivab has experienced engineers and designers who will provide a detailed and thorough design. Every facility is designed for a certain purpose and that is what differentiates Pivab from their competitors.


Pivab has a team of experienced technicians and installers who take pride in every aspect of their work. Pivab's technicians and installers have done many projects where the standard of installation has always been high.


Pivab has the option to add maintenance to a completed facility. Pivab continue to monitor every project via their online monitoring system.






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