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constantly improving

Innovation is at the forefront of Pivabs design team. Pivab is always on the lookout for more ways to improve and better understand how to design their products. Although Pivab already has top quality products, they decide not to slow down and make the most of every opportunity they get to invest and research ways to make their spray booths even better!


Pivab is a world-leader in spray booth technologies. The reason Pivab continues to be the the best is due to their dedication to innovation. Pivab has a lot of experience in this industry which is vital to moving forward in the future.


As well as online monitoring, Pivab provides options to have the latest sensors and digital components installed. Pivab are able to integrate many types of monitoring equipment into the spray booth so that the most accurate data is available to the customers. Pivab now have a VR option so that customer can see their facilities before they are built


Pivab has a vast variety of spray booth systems in its catalogues. Depending of the customers requirements, Pivab is able to design, produce and install any facility required. Whether it is a small booth to a large booth or even if a mixing room is required, Pivab are able to provide the most appropriate solution on the market.


Pivab has many customers around the world. What better way to monitor their systems than via online monitoring.

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