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Car Mechanics

Customised Work Flow

As well as designing a spray booth facility, Pivab also takes into consideration of the entire work flow process. This includes how the vehicles will move from point A to point B without creating a log jam. This is critical in the planning process as this will allow the customer to be able to use the facility to its full potential and get the most vehicles through as possible. Pivab follows a high standard to its planning ensuring that all scenarios are thought of reducing any issue arising so that the customer is able to work with as little interruption as possible.

creating a practical solution

One key area that Pivab focuses on is how the facilities are set out. Pivab will look into the very finer details to make the most out of the site. Details that will make the spray booth facility more efficient and practical is always on the minds of Pivab. Having a properly designed layout is fundamental to increasing production and minimising costs.

Working Environment

Pivab always thinks about the little things that make a big difference. The working environment that the technicians and vehicle repairers work in are essential to an effective workplace. Pivab ensures that the facility they design is also a comfortable work environment to work in. Ventilation is a key component of this. A well-ventilated workspace is paramount to the workers health and safety. Pivab will asses the environment of existing and new structures and raise questions when they notice a hazard or the potential for a future hazard.


dust-free facilities

Pivab ensures that projects are done right! Having a dust-free environment goes a long way to having a high quality finish on each product painted. Pivab does this by having adequate air ventilation throughout its facilities and have air tight doors, chassis and ventilation. Pivab prides itself on the product that their customers create just as much as their spray booths itself.