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Our Story

PIVAB AB was founded in 1976 and has since worked to develop products and systems for protective coating under both normal and extreme conditions. Today, this has led to us delivering equipment not only to North America and Europe, but also to countries such as Angola, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Russia (Siberia), and China.

We like all types of missions. Large, as well as small. The trickier they are, the more inspired we become. In addition to exciting and interesting missions, our firm belief is that everything we do should be done on time and kept within budget. Doing that makes us proud and our customers happy.

In addition to offering great products and solving our customers' problems, we wish to be easy to get contact, easy to deal with and understand. We also wish to be 100% available, paying attention to our customers and offering long-term solutions that they can rely on. We shall create value for our clients and always deliver what we promise to


In 1976, Ronny and Rigmor Pihblad started the company Pivab. From the very beginning, they invested in energy-efficient paint solutions with high energy recovery and became pioneers in the field.


In the late 1980s, Pivab's paint boxes were available in workshops around the world. Angola, Algeria, Finland, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Russia and China are some countries that caught the eye of Pivab's energy-smart paint systems early on.


During the 2000s, Pivab invested in the Nordic market. With a passion for new methods and new technology, Pivab continued to develop unique customer solutions that optimize workshop flows. The knowledge is passed on through Pivab's participation in the Vocational Championships and the industry's training facilities.


In the early 1980s, Pivab delivered systems that provided up to 50 percent energy recovery. The tailor-made package solutions with efficient air flows and environmentally classified filters were patented in no less than 14 countries.


In 1992, Pivab started a factory in Thailand for the export of paint boxes to the United States. The energy-efficient paint systems were shown at exhibitions in Las Vegas and Dallas. In California, Pivab's earthquake-proof paint boxes still stand.


Today, Pivab is a family business with 40 years of knowledge and experience. The modern paint systems today have up to 90 percent recycling rate. In 2015, Pivab received the Environmental Award of the Year from Varberg Municipality.


why pivab?

Pivab has long been known as the world leader in spray booth technology. Pivab have completed thousands of spray booths from industries varying from cars, to boats, to planes and trains. No industry is too difficult for Pivab as the experience and expertise prove invaluable. 


Pivab guarantees that all of their spray booths are designed so that a safe and healthy work environment is available to all staff. The airflow is designed and controlled to extract any dust or pollutants depending of the activity. 


Pivab are always looking to the future. this is why Pivab are always investing in researching new systems and other technology's to improve their spray booths. Pivab has come a long way since opening in 1976 and they difference since then is noticeable.

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