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Qars Holbaek




Holbaek, Denmark

year completed



Motor Vehicle

QARS was founded in 2003, under the name LAKexperten, as a voluntary chain of professional car paint shops throughout the country. In 2019, they changed their name from LAKexperten to QARS as part of their strategic changes towards a setup with the opportunity to offer their customers outsourcing of both sheet metal work and car painting with one nationwide partner. Today, QARS has 44 workshops - and they are constantly expanding.

With a constant focus on foresight, QARS are constantly working to optimize their chain. Therefore, the story of QARS also includes the creation of a sales company in the form of their support team, the IT company Apromas and an investment company that enables ambitious young people to start their own paint and damage center with funding and support from QARS.

Pivab supplied and installed one spray booth with a ventilation unit with a vertical airflow of 35,000 m3/h, one cross-draft spray booth with a ventilation unit airflow of 25,000 m3/h, Pivab weld stations with an airflow of 25,000 m3/h, preparation stations with an airflow of 25,000 m3/h, a mixing room and materials room. In addition to the spray booths and preparation station, Pivab also installed a rail and trolley system which allows for lateral movement onto the lifting tables.

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