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Mirka Technology OY




Jeppo, Finland

year completed



Technology Center

PIVAB have delivered:
• Combi box 7.2 x 4m
• Prep station 7.2 x 5m
• 2 demo stations, both 7.5 x 6m
• mixing room
• Paint booths
• Slippage booths
• 2 furnaces 200 ° C

KWH Mirka in Finland manufactures flexible abrasive products, there are no other such manufacturers in the Nordic region and they are one of the world's leading manufacturers of abrasive products. Thanks to having invested a lot in innovation and top quality, Mirka has managed very well over the last 20 years, boasting an ever-rising sales graph.

KWH Mirka celebrated its 70 year anniversary in 2013, with the annual turnover of 2012 landing on 176 million Euros and 957 employees.

Since Mirka's geographical location is not where most of their users are located, it places high demands on the logistics and the knowledge of their products. Mirka has sales offices around the world.

In the spring of 2011, Mirka’s management made the decision to invest in a training center in the little town of Jeppo, where their main factory is located. Over the years, they have found that the best way to keep old contacts and forge new ones, is invite clients and teach them how to use abrasive products correctly. Whenever new products are launched, our vendors must be experts and here is also where they should get their training.

The planning of the Mirka Technology center commenced in the fall of 2011. The center was to provide the opportunity to learn how to use all products that Mirka produces. Because the auto industry is one of the largest sectors, it was clear from the beginning that a car coating facility had to be located here in order to recreate the environment for a vehicle painter/coating worker. The technology center construction site is rather special, with its many different functions, Flexible solutions were a requirement if we were to succeed in building this facility. Here we could not install a standard coating spray booth, so a "customized" version was required here. Through a ventilation planner, we were told about PIVAB, who had previously been part of planning a coating facility with special requirements. They had used PIVAB’s overall solution and that client was happy with the end result. We at Mirka got in touch with Ronny Pihlblad. He came over and we listed our requirements. The end result was a very handsome overall solution with 3 preparation areas, 1 coating spray booth with associated mixing room and 2 fast drying ovens. PIVAB´s ventilation systems provides fresh air for approx. 1000 m² of the approx. 2000 m² large Technology Centre. One of the requirements during the planning, was that we wanted have an eco-friendly facility with as low energy consumption as possible. In this regard, PIVAB suited us perfectly with their low energy plant´s heat recovery and the possibility to use liquefied gas for heating the air in the drying ovens.

Mirka Technology center will train about 1,500 people a year in becoming really talented abrasive product users and also make them remember that they studied at one of the world’s most advanced schools for this very purpose.

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