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Komatsu Forester AB




Umeå, Sweden

year completed



Motor Vehicle

We at Pivab AB were entrusted with delivering a paint box to the Komatsu Forest One project in Umeå.
Komatsu Forest is one of the world's largest manufacturers of forest machines and operates in all major forest markets. Komatsu Forest is now investing heavily and building a new future-proof factory on the western outskirts of Umeå. The 40,000 m2 facility has a strong focus on sustainability and IoT and will be CO2-neutral in its production. By delivering a modern paint box, Pivab AB contributes to Komatsu Forest achieving its high sustainability goal for CO2-neutral production. This by delivering a state-of-the-art facility with a recovery of up to 85% and 100% control through the VPN system. This means that Pivab is a part of Komatsu Forest's ability to continue to meet its sustainability goals.

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