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Cidan Machinery AB




Götene, Sweden

year completed




CIDAN A / S, starting in 1954, quickly became a significant manufacturer in the Danish sheet metal industry through its sense of innovation and smart details. The customer base grew and in 1993 Göteneds was acquired by CIDAN. The merger was an extremely successful move as CIDAN was now able to show an impressive product breadth. In the years that followed, operations in Sweden grew stronger. In 2009, Sweden and Götene were the obvious place to locate the head office, as well as the production that had previously been located in Denmark. In 2016, the company became all-Swedish again when a Swedish company acquired CIDAN Machinery.

Pivab delivered this project which includes a preparation booth with dry oven installed next to it. Pivab also installed a rail and trolley system to allow for lateral movement. The wagons were specifically made for this project to meet the customers requirements.

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