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Baltic Boat Yard OY




Bosund, Finland

year completed




The boat manufacturer Baltic Yachts is located outside Jacobsdal in Finland, and builds some of the world's most exclusive yachts. The boats are only for the export market, in particular to the countries in the Persian Gulf.

This was a big challenge in creating and delivering a coating plant to a company with very high standards regarding a dust-free environment and proper humidity. A plant with high rate of recovery was also important, as the operating costs could not become too high. For us it was, in other words, to demonstrate that we and our products could meet most extreme requirements.

Considering the requirements of a stunning coating finish, the be-all and end-all to this was a great air flow in the facility, Therefore, our solution was to build a customized coating booth with accompanying mixing room. As the Baltic Yachts had plans to begin building even longer boats in the future, the new booth was prepared already at the installation phase, for an additional rapid expansion.

An accurate measurement has not been made, but the coating facility we delivered has shown good results and Baltic Yachts are very satisfied.

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