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BAE System AB, Hägglund


BAE System AB, Hägglund


Örnsköldsvik, Sweden

year completed



Motor Vehicle

BAE Systems Hägglunds is a manufacturing company in Örnsköldsvik that, among other things, undertake projects for the armed forces. When BAE Systems Hägglunds contacted us, they were going to make major changes to their operations.
The Problem
1. They had an old facility, both technically and from an energy consumption point of view. 2. They wanted to increase their existing production. 3. They were to move their operations to completely new premises.

The Solution
Since the company would be moving to new premises, we got an opportunity to influence the design from the beginning. In order to more quickly find the right solutions, we divided the project into two parts: a complete coating plant for large vehicles and a complete conveyor plant with detail coating of unattached parts.

To utilize our systems fully and minimize resource waste, we created a line of effective conveyor belt coating in four steps: Coating booth, Flash-off/ Intermediary dry booth, Dry booth, and Cooling/ cooling off booth.

Because BAE Systems Hägglunds required perfect coating work, guaranteed to withstand tough conditions, efficiency in the coating of details was of the utmost importance (each vehicle passes the plants for three laps before it is finished). Our solution was a huge state-of-the-art coating facility, with air currents passing from one side to the other (instead of the traditional top-down). The special air solution requires less energy, which allowed us to install smaller aggregates, but also to simultaneously meet the requirements for the air speed.

We also programmed a number of BAE Systems Hägglunds’ requested special features into our VPN system (operating system). With the help of these, today we can make changes from our facilities at PIVAB.


An accurate measurement has not been made, but BAE Systems Hägglunds are very happy and we know that the new systems will solve the previously encountered problems. The employees have been given a new, more efficient and more adapted workplace. The system is enhanced with the latest technology, which guarantees a higher production rate. The energy consumption has also been reduced considerably and will enable significant savings.

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