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Volvo Hosts Conference in Thailand

18 Nov 2022

Volvo has hosted a conference of APEC regions showcasing Scandinavian Auto's facility

On the 8TH - 10TH of November, Volvo hosted a number of countries in the APEC region to visit the site of one of Pivab's latest projects. The reason for the conference is for these regions to see how the functioning of the whole facility really works in real life and to see Pivab's products up close.

Pivab met many people from different areas of the body repair industry with most commenting on the quality of Pivab's spray booth.

"It is amazing to see how robust the spray booth is" said one attendee in reference to Pivab's spray booth having the ventilation on the roof.

An attendee who works in the sustainability industry was impressed with how long the lifetime of Pivab's spray booth is commenting on how beneficial it is for the industry.

"I am quite surprised in how long Pivab's facilities last for. This is truly beneficial for the environment as we need to keep facilities running in a good condition but also for a long time."

Along with Pivab's facilities was Car-O-Liner's equipment who have been working alongside Pivab in Thailand and Malaysia. The quality of Pivab's facilities and Car-O-Liners equipment really makes for an unmatched body repair facility.

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