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THROWBACK: Looking back at Svenstigs Bil AB

8 Jun 2022

In 2016 Pivab designed and installed a state-of-the-art spray booth at Svenstigs Bil AB to enhance the efficiently of the facility.

Pivab installed a combi spray booth, an oven with two burners and a rail and trolley systems to allow for lateral movement of the vehicles. In addition, Pivab also installed a mixing room, five preparation stations, four welding booths, a room for dismantled parts, a plastic room and four ventilation units. This project was unique in the way that there were different requests from the customer who required certain aspects so that the best and most efficient system was installed. This layout was able to help with the work-flow and increase productivity ensuring that the amount of work during the working day was at its maximum.

Pivab looks forward to different customers requirements as this brings new challenges to us and that we also learn from different industries. If you have any questions regarding your facility, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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