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Pivab's Co-Founder Sadly Passes Away

13 Mar 2023

Ronny Pihlblad, Co-Founder of Pivab, sadly passed away on the 21ST of October 2022.

Ronny Pihlblad started Pivab, along with his wife Rigmor, in 1976 developing products and systems for protective coating under both normal and extreme conditions. Ronny was a pioneer in energy-efficient paint solutions and was devoted to creating revolutionary products which were game-changers for the industry. In the 1980s, Ronny delivered systems that provided 50 percent energy recovery as well as obtaining patents in more than 14 countries. from there, Pivab continued to grow under Ronny's and Rigmor’s guidance. Pivab expanded in to selling their products to Angola, Finland, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Russia and China. Coming into the 1990's, Pivab needed to expand. Ronny and Rigmor opened a factory in Thailand to help produce paint boxes to be exported to the United States. These paint boxes were being presented at exhibitions in Las Vegas and Dallas. There were also paint boxes installed in California which are still be used until today!

Ronny and Rigmor weren’t done yet! During the 2000's, Pivab decided to invest in the Nordic market. Pivab continued to innovate a provide better solutions for workshops. Pivab was also a household name at the Vocational Championships and at the industry's training facilities. Today, Pivab has gone from strength to strength under the commitment and dedication of the entire Pihlblad family. This has paved the paved for Pivab to become the leader in spray booth technologies.

Pivab has strived as a family business for over 40 years. Ronny's knowledge and passion for this business will continue to live on in future projects and it is this exact reason why Pivab will continue to grow into the future.

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