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Pivab puts the environment at the forefront of every decision made. With each design down to the tiniest detail, Pivab always takes into consideration the impact their facilities have on the environment.

Pivabs Priorities

  • Must meet the requirements for quality, cost effectiveness and flexibility

  • Must be able to be renewed or upgraded with little additional work as possible

  • Only long-life products are selected

  • Disassembly and decommissioning activities are taken into account

  • Products are selected to have the least impact on the environment

  • Energy savings is vital to helping the environment

  • In the end, a high-quality finish with as little impact as possible on the environment is the main focus for Pivab.


How Pivab Affects the Environment

  • Reduced Running Costs - Pivabs design and materials are chosen to ensure the lowest running costs are obtained. This ranges from the airflow design to fan and motor sizes. 

  • Using Electrical-Efficient Products - Every product chosen are from reputable brands which prioritizes energy efficiency in their products. The brands Pivabs uses include ABB, Schneider, Siemens and Phoenix Contact.

  • Over 80% Recycled Air During Dry Mode - Pivab have design their systems to use as much possible recycled air during drying mode. Today, Pivab can reuse up to 80% of the air in the spray booth during drying mode which helps in reducing the running costs.

  • Over 75% Heat Exchanging

  • Long Life-Time & Low-Maintenance - The benefits of choosing a Pivab spray booth go all the way past completion into maintenance. Pivab guarantees the best products available on the market so they know there is a long life-time with their spray booths.

  • Electrical, Water and Gas Heating - Pivab offers a range of heating sources. Depending on the customer location and the sources readily available to them, Pivab can recommend on the most efficient heating source.

  • Filter Pollutants - Pivab prides itself on reducing the toxic particles being released into the atmosphere. Pivab have chosen to only use European made and regulated filters to ensure that the particles are removed. Pivab has many types of filters ranging from paper filters to glass filter to pocket filters and even active carbon filters.

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