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Svenstigs Bil AB




Värnamo, Sweden

year completed



Motor Vehicle

The business started as early as 1929, as a car company in Smålandsstenar. The then 22-year-old farmer's son Wilhelm Svensson (Svenstig) was more interested in new technology than in his father's farm and built a small workshop at Nissastigen. Repairs of the few cars that existed at the time were the basis for the business, which was soon also supplemented with the sale of used cars. After a few years, sales of new cars were also included in the program and their first new car brand was DKW. The company gradually developed and the first major milestone was the agency for Scania and Volkswagen, which was entered into in January 1952.

During the 50s and 60s, the company grew rapidly with the expansion of car traffic. Svenstigs was also established in Värnamo and Gislaved with sales and workshops. In the late 60's, Wilhelm's son Bengt joined the company to take over the responsibility as CEO. The business has gradually expanded with more agencies and new specializations. The number of employees, which in the early 50s was about 15, increased to about 65 in the late 60s and today currently are about 110. The company is now in its third generation change where the daughters, Anna and Karin Svenstig have entered as owner and sits on the company's board. The chairman of the board is Anna Svenstig. The CEO is Mim Andersson.

This project was so unique that Pivab needed to incorporate spray painting and metal work in the same area. A state-of-the-art spray booth facility was designed by Pivab who took into account the workflow to enable Svenstigs Bil to work efficiently. This facility included a combi spray booth, an oven next to it with burners and a rail and trolley system to allow for lateral movement of the objects to be painted. A mixing room, five preparation stations, four welding booths, a room for dismantled parts, a plastic room and four ventilation units to supply an airflow was also installed. A VPN connection was also incorporated into this site to allow Pivab to monitor the facility.

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