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MPA Måleriproduktion AB


MPA Måleriproduktion AB


Västerås, Stockholm





MPA Måleri was founded in 1986. They have therefore accumulated extensive knowledge in several areas in the painting industry. They work with several different types of customers and with both large and small projects. MPA Måleri also work closely with several different craft groups to be able to offer you as a customer a complete solution for a complete craft execution. These partners are trusted and authorized companies that they have great confidence in and that they can safely recommend and entrust to our customers. MPA Måleri place great emphasis on quality, service and the environment.

Pivab designed and delivered this amazing project which is definitely a unique project! The spray booth is 72m long which can be divided into six smaller spray booths if needed by lowering the gates in between. The larger spray booth is designed to paint trains and the smaller spray booths are used to paint smaller objects depending on what the customer requires. The ventilation is also designed to suit the change in size of the spray booths. A spray booth for a conveyor system was also installed.


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