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Pivab Begins Upgrade of 20-Year-Old Spray Booth

28 Jun 2022

Materials have arrived in Thailand for a complete overhaul of two spray booths.

Pivab has been tasked with a complete overhaul of the entire ventilation systems on two 20-year-old spray booths. The spray booths have been out of action for some time until SEA Radomes Company decided to recommission the facility. The current structure is in perfect condition, however, due to the many years of being out-of-service, technology has advanced and became more efficient in terms of energy savings and its impact on the environment. The decision to replace the ventilation was the correct decision as Pivab changed from an oil heating source to an electric one, added in extra stages of filters and an online system to monitor the day-to-day activities.

Finlay Coady, Pivabs Project coordinator in Asia, expressed his excitement for this project. "This is a really exciting project as it gives life to an old spray booth. this really shows how long Pivabs spray booths can last for. I believe this is a true testament to Pivabs guarantee of a high-quality product."

The ventilation system was shipped over from Sweden with other small items such as doors to make the spray booth more accessible.

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