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Pivab มีชื่อเสียงในด้านการผลิตเครื่องพ่นสีคุณภาพสูง Pivab รับประกันว่าทุกโรงงานจะได้รับการออกแบบ ผลิต สร้าง และบำรุงรักษาด้วยมาตรฐานสูงสุด


Experience a new way of painting with customized spray booths for all of your industrial needs!



For clean and efficient spray booths and body shops, you cannot beat the Pivab way!

Body Shops


For those small jobs requires smaller equipment without jeopardising the quality of the finish!

Spot Repair

Changing how body
shops operate

Professional workshop designs under one roof

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What We Offer

We offer custom turnkey solutions for any type of painting facility. From your small mobile units to large workshops, we can do it all.

We are well-known for the quality of products and services we supply and we continue to invest in devloping our products so that they are the best they can be.

We offer compressive consultations with our experts so that you know you are being looked after in the best hands. From there detailed designs are provided and communication between other parties are established so that each project flows seamlessly to ensure a high-quality finish within a given timeframe.

Contact us now to find out how we can help you!

Person working on a boat piece in a spray booth

We are just more than a spray booth company.

We keep the environment, sustainability and the future at the forefront of all of our decisions.

We try to minimize the impact our products have on the environment and show our customers how we excel in an industry with many other competitors.

Over the previous years we have invested a lot into developing our products to be environmentally friendly. From reducing running costs to keeping the air clean, our customers are noticing a big difference.

As time goes past, we often hear from previous customers who inform us that their spray booths are still working 40 years on! The longevity of our products is helping provide a sustainable solution to workshops and we continue to improve as the body repair industry sees an upward trend in works.

Our Core Values

The Environment

Keeping the environment clean is our number one policy.

We at Pivab are motivated to follow in the footsteps of our European governments after the signing of the Paris Agreement in 2015. Even though we have been focused on providing a clean environment and removing any toxic chemicals since the founding of Pivab, we have made it our main priority to focus on improving in this area. We are always searching for the best ways to remove the paint fumes from the air and capturing them in our multi-stage filters. As of today, we use European filters which have been rigorously tested to ensure that they meet the requirements for removing the vapors from the air.

In addition, our designs are made so that the most efficient spray booths are provided to our customers. We will analyze each facility are provide the best solution for that facility. There are many ways we can reduce running costs and it can help by up to 66% depending on the final design.

We are dedicated to protecting our environment! From our designs to our installations, we are always looking for ways to improve. Our key focus is to keep the air around us clean and to ensure that whoever is using our products are in a safe environment!



Keeping the energy consumption low is beneficial to our customers as well as our planet! We are also devoleoping our products to have the latest energy-efficient products ont he market.

Our LCA provides a detailed report of the sustainability of our products. We are committed to selling our products with the highest quality finish knowing that when it is time to change, our materials are recyclable.


We have proven that our products last a long time! We currently have spray booths functioning at least 40 years after installation.


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Pivab are proud supporters of Save the Children who are an organisation dedicated to creating a better future for children in need. Join Pivab in showing your support for such a great cause!


Pivab cares about the environment. We also care about everything that lives inside of it! We do our part in taking care of the place we call home.

Doctors Without Borders.png

Pivab keeps Doctors Without Borders close to their hearts in supporting all of the work they do for others in need.

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Every project is unique in their own way! Pivab works really hard to understand what the customers requires and follows through with completing the project up to a high standard.

Read our previous customers testimony's to see how Pivab provide them with a world-class facility

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Pivab has a vast variety of different projects to meet your needs. Whether it is a mobile product for those small jobs or a large facility for fully sized vehicles, Pivab is able to customise any facility to meet the customers requirements.

Explore our unique Pivab Dent Series to fully understand the quality that Pivab is able to produce.

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Pivab has a very experienced team who have worked alongside well known companies to provide solutions of all kinds.

It is important to find out the correct information before you proceed with any project.

Contact Pivab now to see how we can help you!


There was hesitation amongst our group as the price was high, however, when we visited the site, we truly understood why Pivab was the correct decision…the robust nature of the product and high quality took away our minds from the price.       VCDR Malaysia

VCDR Malaysia

Pivabs facility is at a higher level of sustainability compared to Volvos damage repair centers. This is the standard we are striving for.

Global lead Retail Sustainability at Volvo Cars

Scandinavian Auto exceeded expectations for paying off the facility in 18 months. The initial calculation for the facility to be paid off was 5 years. This could not have been done any better.      

Volvo APEC Business Developer

With innovative thinking as our driving force, we constantly set new industry standards

Over 4000 Spray Booths

Environmental Prize 2015

Installed Worldwide

Patented Designs

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