Herkules Lift Tables

We supply diffirent kinds of lift table from Hercules. also adjustable and lateral movement

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It's not just the coating plant that must be in tip-top condition in order for a coating spray shop to work. In our assortment there are several smart products that help to create a great workplace.


Increased safety for work on high-altitude sections of vehicles - at any altitude or position without having to fuss with ladders or scaffolding, still in use today.

ATEX-Electrical Fittings

The light fixture has two fluorescent tubes, both 58w. The fluorescent tubes are of Daylight type for the best color correction.


With the help of our Duralumin carts, you can quickly move objects to the side.


An Ionization Aggregate Provides Clean Air in the Coating Spray Booth.

Classification plan

Classification is a Method Used to Analyze and Assess the Area Where Explosive Gases Can Form.

Coating Overalls

Our Unique Coating Overalls.

Pivab Jet®

The Pivab Jet is a Fast Drying System for Water-based Products.