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Ongoing Improvement.

We have a range, a range of qualified professionals in our employ. All of them are experts in their respective fields and together we form an entity, which no one else in this line of business can match. When we add our products and systems, we get a working process that we can apply to your business anytime, regardless of whether you already have a well-functioning coating spray shop or if you are an entrepreneur dreaming of your own coating spray shop.


We have a lot of cutting-edge expertise that we will gladly share. Business development, classification plans, 3D drawings, training in dust-free coating are just a few examples.

Business Development

Coating is an important part and a great influence on the total flow in a workshop.

Workshop Design Group

We're not talking about a solution We're talking about your Solution. And it will be Valid tomorrow too.


Lectures, courses and training in areas such as special paint, coating, plastic, dust-free paint.

Products for Car & Truck Repair

Whether it is a large or a small workshop, there will always the dream that it could become better and more profitable than it already is. With our ideas and systems, we can help you realize this drea...

Dent Station® 1 - 2

The Dent Station is Suitable for All Types of Coating Works.

Dent Station® 7

Dent Station 7 is a flexible supply air box suitable for all types of coating jobs, wherever you may need supply air.

Dent Prep Wall®

Complete exhaust air wall with filtration and fan


Carbon filter unit

Dent Mobile XL®

The Dent Mobile XL is the Solution for Minor Coating Work on Larger Objects.

Dent Portal®

For smarter, more effective paint and sanding jobs.

Dent Mix®

Smart mixing room that takes up little space.

Dent Extend Mobile®

Dent Extend Mobile® for minor paint repairs at really low operating costs.

Products for the Engineering Industry

There are more things than cars and trucks that need to be coated. Our system works just as well for coating trains, kitchen cupboard doors, details or something entirely different. Only your imaginat...

Pivab Weld®

With the help of the Pivab Weld ventilation system you can weld, do sheet metal work and prime processing in the same place.

Pivab Prep®

This is the solution for those of you who are scrupulous about the result and who want the best working environment possible for prime processing and dent repairs.

Dent Extend®

The Combo booth Dent Extend is designed for those who want to be able to effectively perform larger coating repairs at very low running costs.

Pivab Extend Dry

Drying oven is ideal for those who have a combi box and want to increase your production workflow.

Combo Booth/Coating Spray Booth

With Our Ideas and Coating Spray Booths, Nothing is Impossible.

Drying Oven

For those of you who already have a combo booth and want to increase the production flow, a drying oven is a smart investment.

Detail Booth

In our detail booths, various objects can be coated, depending on the size of the detail booth.


It's not just the coating plant that must be in tip-top condition in order for a coating spray shop to work. In our assortment there are several smart products that help to create a great workplace.

Spectraterm IR Lampor

IR Iamps accelerate the drying process. When using any Spectratherm model, the coating dries in about ten minutes.

Herkules Lift Tables

We supply diffirent kinds of lift table from Hercules. also adjustable and lateral movement


Increased safety for work on high-altitude sections of vehicles - at any altitude or position without having to fuss with ladders or scaffolding, still in use today.

ATEX-Electrical Fittings

The light fixture has two fluorescent tubes, both 58w. The fluorescent tubes are of Daylight type for the best color correction.


With the help of our Duralumin carts, you can quickly move objects to the side.


An Ionization Aggregate Provides Clean Air in the Coating Spray Booth.

Classification plan

Classification is a Method Used to Analyze and Assess the Area Where Explosive Gases Can Form.

Coating Overalls

Our Unique Coating Overalls.

Pivab Jet®

The Pivab Jet is a Fast Drying System for Water-based Products.