How It Works An Optimal Coating Workshop
in Four Simple Steps.

Our goal is to develop the world's best coating spray booths. But everything we do is really about improving our customers' entire operations. A coating spray booth plays a much larger role in the workflow in a workshop than most people think. If you “get it right” from the beginning, then there are big profits to make, even in other areas of the workshop. It could be anything from significantly increased efficiency and reduced operating costs to a better working environment and more consistent quality of the coating jobs. The secret behind it can of course be found in our energy-saving products, but also in our knowledge of protective coating and in the careful work process that we have developed.

Planning & drawing

In order for the end result be as good as possible, everything must be done correctly from the beginning. Therefore the first phase is about face-to-face meetings, acquiring accurate information on existing activities, floor plans, flow charts, work processes, needs analyses and your aim with the project. When all the facts are in place and the analyses are made, we can start outlining solutions.
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Manufacture & Customization

Now that we know your needs, we can start looking at optimizing the workflow of your business. This we create in part with the right products, but also by making use of the premises and placing the products in the right place. Our products are manufactured in Sweden, by well-known suppliers, with whom we have close relationships.
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Transport & Installation

Before the first shipment, we will schedule a detailed timetable together. In order to gain time and efficiency, we will get the contractors involved in assisting us during the installation, at the same time. Everyone’s work should follow the mutually established timetable, working with the mutually agreed upon ending date in sight. Continuous contacts between the project manager, customer, and all installers are required throughout the project.
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Operations & Service

The facility is finally completed and ready to be used. Now all that is left is testing, fine tuning, and optimization. Here we will perform thorough controls, so that all flows are functioning properly. For example, so that the quantity of air in the booth is perfect and that the online quick support works. At the handover, you can bring in your own consultants to jointly verify the final result.
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