Närko Finland

Närko is one of Europe's leading operators in car and truck trailer manufacturing. Through subsidiaries, they are today represented throughout all of Northern Europe. The company's head office is located in Finland.

Modern Combo Booths

Our first solution was a twin plant we built into their existing line. The plant consisted of two modern combo booths of 6 x 6 x 18 meters. Thanks to our combo booths being modular, we managed to build them while Närko had the production running. The first part of the new facility took 2.5 months in total to build.

Over the next two years, the combo booths solved many of Närko´s problems. Subsequently, a decision was made to expand the business and increase production substantially, so they consulted us again and wanted us to expand the plant further.
In the second phase, we supplemented the plant with a subsequent coating spray booth and a basic booth, each 20 meters long (with supplementary mixing rooms). We rebuilt one of the earlier combo booths to a sheer oven.


Närko are very satisfied with their new coating facility. A lot due to the fact that they could quickly increase their production a great deal, but also because we kept on a strict timetable and goals. But they are most satisfied with the great measure of recovery that our products allow.


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