How To Start A Coating Workshop

Within the Volvo retail sector, there are more than 80 damage repair shops committed to cooperating with insurance companies and take care of damage assessments, auto body repairs and coating.

The Problem

Some Volvo repair shops do not have their own coating facility, which means that they must hire external competence for their coating jobs.

The Solution

On behalf of Volvo Personbilar AB, we have developed a training program, with the aim of making the distributor's decision to start his or her own coating shop a little easier. The program has a pedagogy emphasis and shows how the most important steps in the start-up process are taken in the right order and at the right time. The program is also geared to create the right expectations of resource management and time consumption.
The training program was put together in cooperation between PIVAB AB and Volvo Personbilar Sverige AB.

The Results

The program has been carried out several times and among the participating companies, the customer/orderer feels more confident in starting their own coating shop.


You don't have to be a customer to gain access to our expertise. PIVAB’s experts are always bookable and available for issues related to business development, training and optimization.

Dust-Free Coating

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