Case Exactly What Me Mean
by Being Problem Solvers

When we get an assignment, we not only want to help out with a new product or a new system. We take our customers more seriously than that. The coating spray station is an important cog and there are always adjustments that can change the workshop’s overall efficiency. To find, analyze and solve problems is what we really like and are passionate about. If the customer has one problem, our goal is always to solve two. On this page you will find out more about some of our clients and get examples of assignments that we performed for them. If you would see more cases or get more information about something, please contact us at PIVAB.


Our products are developed to meet very harsh environments. For this reason, we have had many exciting projects in countries such as Angola, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, United States, Russia (Sib...

Orange County, USA

A family run body repair with ambitions to become a complete injury center.

Närko Finland

One of Europe's leading players in the manufacture of vehicle bodies and truck trailers.

Volvo, Beijing

Volvo's new car repair shop in Beijing.

Mirka Teknologicenter

KWH Mirka in Finland manufactures flexible abrasives. Mirka is one of the world's leading manufacturer of abrasives

Toyota Tammer Auto

Toyota Tammer Auto

Glenns Billakkering AS

Location: Hunndalen, Norway Delivery: 2011 Area Amenities: 570m ²


You don't have to be a customer to gain access to our expertise. PIVAB’s experts are always bookable and available for issues related to business development, training and optimization.

Dust-Free Coating

An education in Dust-Free Coating

How To Start A Coating Workshop

An education in starting bodyshop.

Car & Truck Repair

To find vehicle coating solutions is what we have worked with for a long time. The assignments can be anything from starting up a new facility to optimizing an existing one.

Uppsala City bus depot

In Fyrislund outside Uppsala, a new city bus depot for public transport is being erected. Pivab is obviously included.

Qars Holbæk Denmark


Moses Bil & Lack Tollarp AB

Customized spray booth at Moses Bil & Lack Tollarp AB

Hedin Bil Performance Center

Hedin Car Performance Center with 100% recycling of the air

Bendt Bil

A full-service facility and distributor of Saab, Opel, BMW, MINI and Hyundai.

Bil-Månsson I halland

Bil-månsson en fullservice-anläggning med bilförsäljning, finansiering, verkstad, bildelar och drivmedel.

Upplands Motor Akalla

Location: Akalla, Stockholm Delivery: 2013 Area Amenities: 485m ²

Helmia Filipstad

In the spring of 2011, we began to think about our own coating operation, we chose PIVAB because we knew they were the most flexible.

Nordiska BIl

En fullserviceanläggning med bilförsäljning, finansiering, verkstad, bildelar och drivmedel.

Umeå Billackering

Umeå refinishing specialize in affordable vehicle repairs with high quality.

Upplands Motor Akalla

Location: Akalla, Stockholm Delivery: 2013 Area Amenities: 485m ²

Engineering Industry

There are more things than cars and trucks that need to be coated. Our products and systems work just as well for coating boats, trains, kitchen cupboard doors, details or something entirely different...

BAE Systems Hägglunds

An engineering company that has worked with the military.

MPA måleriprodukton

Plats: Västerås Leverans: 2013 Yta på anläggningen: 1170m²

Ekeri Finland

En tillverkare av släp till lastbilar.

Baltic Boat Yard

A manufacturer of some of the world's most exclusive yachts.