About Pivab

PIVAB AB was founded in 1976 and has since worked to develop products and systems for protective coating under both normal and extreme conditions. Today, this has led to us delivering equipment not only to North America and Europe, but also to countries such as Angola, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Russia (Siberia), and China.

We like all types of missions. Large, as well as small. The trickier they are, the more inspired we become. In addition to exciting and interesting missions, our firm belief is that everything we do should be done on time and kept within budget. Doing that makes us proud and our customers happy.

In addition to offering great products and solving our customers' problems, we wish to be easy to get contact, easy to deal with and understand. We also wish to be 100% available, paying attention to our customers and offering long-term solutions that they can rely on. We shall create value for our clients and always deliver what we promise to.